Product Marketing

Product Marketing

According to Trellis, 51% of Americans with internet access prefer to shop online, and that number will only grow moving forward. This obviously means 49% of Americans are still more comfortable buying certain things in the store where they can see, touch, and try the product before committing to a purchase. The convenience of ecommerce isn't valued the same by every customer. To reach the 51% of people who do prefer buying online, you need to give your audience clear, eye-catching photos of your products; but to reach that remaining 49%- you need product imagery that is distinguished and more convincing to the traditional in-store shopper than your run-of-the-mill iphone photo. You need imagery that closes that gap between online shopping and in-person browsing.

Range Leather Co. was one of Seabrook Media's first partnerships, and continues to be a mutually beneficial partnership to this day. Product marketing is an extremely competitive market, especially for a leather goods vendor in Wyoming- one of the meccas for all things leather. We were looking for a dependable and high quality vendor to make custom hats for us, and it just so happened that Range was on the hunt for a multimedia company to help direct their brand image and create product imagery for their social media ads. Check out the galleries below to see what this collaboration was able to yield in a short time.


Product Stock Images


Product Styled Shoots